19 September 2012

nyfw - it's all about the shorts

I'm not quite sure how I feel about the Comme des Garcons shorts Taylor Tomasi Hill sported at NYFW, but if anyone can pull this look off it is definitely Taylor! Her short shorts and sleeveless trench, now that's a look I can get behind. Seriously, how amazing is that trench? I want, I need, I must have!

images via thefashionspot

follow the yellow brick road...

I am in love with Poppy's Givenchy Vittorias Heel in Gold Glitter. This girl knows how to rock her glitter. Reminds me of my childhood obsession with Dorothy's ruby slippers. Oh, memories...


The Olsens are seriously blessed in the gene department, especially rising star Elizabeth. I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth about a year ago at a private screening of her film 'Martha Marcy May Marlene' and she is just as beautiful in person. I mean, look at those eyes and lips! Style, beauty and talent!

image via fashiongonerogue

08 September 2012

nyfw – street style

The fashionable fashionistas of NYFW struttin’ their stuff on the streets of NYC.

07 August 2012


As we all know Outside Lands is quickly approaching, 3 days and counting!!! As many of you eagerly anticipate the kick-ass line-up of bands, the art, and tasty eats, I’m sure you are as just excitedly planning what you will wear. I know I am. For me, comfort and practicality are key, but unfortunately showing up in pajamas is not socially acceptable. At least for me it’s not. Time to bust out my stylin’ skills. Yay! Here are my suggestions on what to wear for three fabulous days of music, beer, friends, food and fun. Let’s just hope I’m not deaf at the end of it. But you know what, it is so worth it. ;)

Boots. I usually opt for a comfortable and casual pair of boots to protect my beautiful feet while I shuffle through the dirt rushing from stage to stage to catch the next band. I’ve definitely been that girl who mistakenly wears flip-flops and by the end of the day my feet look like I’ve been splashing around in a pool of mud. But hey, some peeps dig a mud-bath, so whatever suits your fancy.

If the weather gods work in our favor the sun will be shining and pair of killer sunnies will be posted atop your mug. Otherwise they will definitely come in handy around day three when extreme exhaustion kicks in you may want to sneak away for a little cat nap. Either way it’s always good to protect yourself from the sun, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

If you know anything about San Francisco weather you know how unpredictable it is. One minute the sun is shining and the next that all to familiar layer of fog rolls in.  San Franciscans have mastered the art of layering, and we always come armed with that just-in-case item. A necessity for Outside Lands is a chic yet roomy bag to stash away a sweater or even a pair of leggings or tights you may need slip on. And any other necessities to get you through the day.

Accessories, an outfit just isn’t complete without them.  One of my favorite accessories to rock, no pun intended, for music festivals are hair accessories. They are so delicate and feminine, and they just scream bo-ho chic, don’t they?

Rumi Neely, one of my favorite fashion bloggers at Fashion Toast, has perfected the music festival look. Casual, cool, comfortable, and of course chic. How’s that for an alliteration. I absolutely cannot wait for this weekend! I hope to see some familiar faces! I better start resting up!

13 April 2012


Old favorite - my name twin out in LA, looking as cute as ever. She has such beautiful, long flowing locks!
images via justjared